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Tripod turnstile has a unique feature in that only one person can pass through at a time. The turnstile is usually used on sites that pedestrian flow rate is relatively small.

DS1000: Tripod Turnstile
DS111: Tripod Turnstile
DS101 Tripod Turnstile
DS112: Tripod Turnstile

Metal detector is an instrument that can detect visitors who has prohibited objects such as guns, knives etc, as well measures temperature rates. it is suitable for use in places like stadiums, hotels, convention, exhibition centres, hospitals, school, subway stations, factories and institutions

DSSP517 Infrared Thermal Imaging Detector
P516: Metal Detector with Temperature Measurement
DSSP515 Walk-through Metal Detector

Full height turnstile Is the highest security kind of turnstile this can efficiently allow one person passes through at a time.

DS401WS: Full Height Turnstile with Rain Cover
DS401RS: Full Height Turnstile with Rain Cover
DS402: Full Height Turnstile
DS401: Full Height Turnstile
DS401FS: Full Height Turnstile with Rain Cover
DS402FS: Full Height Turnstile with Rain Cover
DS403: Full Height Turnstile
DS408: Full Height Turnstile with Bicycle Gate

Speed gates are similar to swing turnstile, but with much more powerful motor mechanism, it has most fast speed and with exceeding slim housing. Fully tempered glass design, suitable for high-end places.

DS7300: Speed Gate
DS605: Sliding Gate
DS6000: Speed Gate
DS7000: Speed Gate
DS7200 Speed Gate

The most special features of flap turnstile is the faster opening and closing speed than other turnstile gates, normally 40-45 persons per minute. So it’s perfect for the sites with big visitors flow rate.

DS302 Optical Flap Turnstile​
DS312X Optical Flap Turnstile
DS311 Optical Flap Turnstile​
DS3000: Optical Flap Turnstile

The advantage of swing turnstile is the passage width which can reach upto 600mm-1200mm, this is suitable for handicapped person or pedestrians with luggage. This turnstile is usually used in high-grade occasion.

DS2000 Optical Swing Turnstile
DS212P: Optical Swing Turnstile
DS210Z Optical Swing Turnstile
DS212X Optical Swing Turnstile​
DS8000: Cylinder Swing Turnstile
DS205 Swing Turnstile​

High-quality security traffic bollards are used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion. It is particularly suitable for the intelligent and automatic control of traffic within residential areas.

DSSP1005: Automatic Hydraulic Bollards
DSSP1002 Removable Bollards
DSSP1001: Fixed Bollards
DSSP8001: Security road blocker is a very efficient protective device, which can restrict the passage of unauthorized vehicles or visitors. Extensively installed at governments, embassies, military bases, banks, residential area
DSSP9001: Security tyre killer with spikes is design to prevent against the unauthorized vehicles’ intrusions, it can be used in conjunction with other security barrier products for higher security or used individually.

turnstile gates can easily integrate with any access controllers, we provide card readers, finger print devices, QR/bar code, face recognition, coin collector to better combine with our gates and optimize system operation

DS-F861T: Face Temperature Measurement
DS-F851T: Face Temperature Measurement
DS-F851W Face Temperature Measurement
DS-F700S: Fingerprint Access Controlle
DS-F700L: Fingerprint Access Controller
DS-F600S: Fingerprint Access Controller
DS-F600L: Fingerprint Access Controller
DS-A01 TCP/IP Turnstile Access Controller
DS-A02 Cloud Plus Access Controller
DS-A03 TCP/IP Turnstile Access Controller

This product uses infrared thermal imaging technology to quickly capture temperature data, to measure temperature for people passing in non-contact way , and to prompt alarm the abnormal temperature through acousto-optic alarm, so as to effectively prevent large-scale disease infection.

DSSP530: IR Temperature Screening Camera
DSSP517: Infrared Thermal Imaging Detector
DS-F851T: Face Temperature Measurement
DS-F851W: Face Temperature Measurement
DS-F861T: Face Temperature Measurement

A variety of guardrail and access control accessories, to provide multiple solutions. We can integrate card collector, coin collector, card reader, biometric device in a pillar.

DSSP6003: Pedestrian Security Gate
DSSP6004: Full Height Pedestrian Security Gate
DSSP6001: Card/Wristband Collector Pillar
DSSP6002 Railings