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Creating a smart city / economy by applying latest sophisticated security devices ensuring smooth flow of critical information, infrastructures protection and environmental safety.


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Planning and Designing remain most important for us when it comes to project management. We study every project big or small to provide tailored project plans and affordable costs.   




Installation Categories:

Surveillance Camera is watching operations in the port.
Burglary/Intruder Alarm
Structural Cabling: Voice/Data
Access Control: Automatic Doors & Gates
Fire Alarm / Evaquation Voice Over
Emergency Lighting
Fibre Optic Networking
Solar Energy
Solar Street Light With CCTV
Customised Escalators & Lift
Smart City & Home Automation
EV's Power Charging Points For Homes, Car Parks & Charging Points Station

Installation And Maintenance:

Interoperability and the inability of connected devices to work together has proved much more problematic in recent choices of installation equipment. However, the EIS project designers has expertise on selecting the best equipment to fit any size of project. Here our expertise comes to play what makes us different from others


Helping banks to monitor its headquarters, branch offices and ATM machines nationwide from one dedicated central location.

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At EIS, we have best sophisticated system that serves these purposes in the production line as is not all cameras are born equal.

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From identification to people counting, face recognition, at EIS we have the technical knowhow in selecting the appropriate CCTV system for any OR

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CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Emergency Lighting etc helps in deterring vandalism and increases the security of staff and students

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Hospital staff can view live video from any area such as emergency rooms, waiting rooms, psychiatric department, medical supply room etc.

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Crimes and thefts are also on the rise, as this are a budging concerned for residents and small businesses within the environ. 

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Metal Detector and Temperature Measurement
DS401RS full height turnstile
Full height turnstile DS402FS
Sliding gate DS605
DS212X Optical Swing Turnstile​
DS3000 Optical Flap Turnstile
DS1000 Tripod Turnstile
DSSP1005 Automatic Hydraulic Bollards
Automatic Barrier Gates
DSSP8001 Hydraulic Security Road Blocker

Why Choose Us

Creating an economy driven by latest Technologies has always been our utmost goal. EIS is poised to creating system combinations to fit any project size. We use graphic design to develop our system installation plans. We make site visit for visibility studies in order to draw a perfect plan design to fit every project. However, we can in most cases request for site plans in the situation we are unable to make a site visit

  • Extemly low response time at all time, as security is stongest as its weakest point
  • Your satisfaction is our major motive and we are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance with Government laws
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Frequently Asked Questions

In here you can find many questions and right answers to the EIS global and local businesses, investments and partnerships

  • Can I partner with EIS

    Yes EIS offers range of partnership deals, you will have to choose from the EIS businesses you would like to partner us with by sending us email at

  • Does EIS invest on infrastructures?

    The EIS through The Eastern Force partners Local and International companies or organisations on infrastructural developments in areas such as rail network, capital communication infrastructures and smart city development projects

  • What is the minium project worth at EIS?

    At EIS, we do not have any minimum amount of project. We treat all projects with our best attention as your satisfaction remains always our utmost goal.

  • Is maintenance a big issue at EIS?

    YES! In facts, we do not accept any project without well defined maintenance roadmap. Maintenance and upgrade remains the core of our installations. This is so because without maintenance and updates, installed technology fades out with time and is better not to be installed in the first place.


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Creating a smart city / economy by applying lasted sophisticated security devices ensuring smooth flow of critical information, infrastructures protection and environmental safety.

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