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Factory automation, mass production, efficiency in production, cost reduction and product quality maintenance are areas virtually all companies strive to keep up with in order to maintain their company market share. No matter the size of your business, and the type of production line your organisation operations are into, there are much benefits to derive from using HD CCTV system.

Recently, many people think CCTV usage is only meant for deterring intruders and monitoring a crime scene. However, CCTV has a divergence of uses across industries especially in the production or manufacturing sites.

In monitoring production line, CCTV can play many major roles by reducing machine down-time. A production line with HD CCTV installed will benefit from reducing the time it takes to find out faulty system or where a faulty is about to occur

Company can use CCTV video surveillance to monitor the productivity of the employees, use the camera to oversees that the employee are adhering to the company’s health and safety protocols

Managers can use video surveillance cameras to efficiently and easily locate equipment that needs repair or equipment that is unsafe for use, so the CCTV serves as the third eyes for the company and as well save cost which would have been used employing a standby security personnel or quality control officer, this is not to say that CCTV is replacing a quality personnel officer instead it works alongside and make the whole production line easy monitoring for quality production officer of the company

There are so many other high level security installation that are needed in the production line like Access control etc, prohibiting staff or visitors from accessing some areas. Check out our other services.

If and when a right high quality HD CCTV cameras that capture every detail is installed, one can easily can review CCTV footage  to identify where a fault might have occurred. This allows the maintenance engineers to identify the best solution options to get the production system back to normal operations.

In overall installing CCTV camera alongside the production line will help to guarantee efficiency in production, maintain product quality, reduce cost by finding fault as early before they happen


At EIS, we have best sophisticated system that serves these purposes in the production line as is not all cameras are born equal. There’s need to install the right HD camera for the tough job. Production line environment are sometimes have high temperature and in cases has lowest of temperature depend on the line of production and business in concern. This is reason is very paramount that the services of experts are being engaged. Get in touch


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